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unfinished tracks for an unfinished album we meant to call Masonic. recorded between 2010-2011. thanks guys, we had fun for a little while.

tracks 1-2: recorded october 2011 in jared hiller's rehearsal space, brooklyn, ny. sadie: guitar/vox/bass on 1. julian: drums/bass on 2/vox

tracks 3-6: recorded august 2010 at the music shed, buck's rock camp, new milford, ct. ben scherer engineered. overdubs september 2010 at trinity methodist korean church, coney island, brooklyn, ny. sadie: guitar/singin/cello. julian: drums. chuck: vocals on 1. gang vox on 4: ben scherer, jackson singer, johnny rabe, chuck wilson, everybody else i can't remember

track 7: recorded live at shea stadium 7/28/11. sadie: guitar/vox. chuck: trombass. julian: drums/vox.


released February 28, 2012




Quilty New York

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Track Name: Adjective Noun
piece the pyrex
pop the answer
be a skeleton key
red card referee

this game's on man
kickin' shins, let's kick it
galley of the fern and fallow turn

i rang the bell of the ball
i took a nasty fall into my favorite city (it's my favorite city)
sitting pretty and prim
performative fat fasting
and now i feel so shitty

and now i feel like a wispy waif
i was so good at the chase
my wooden bow unparalleled by any foe
now i'm shaking the voice of generations
gorgeous and grey, it's no mystery
Track Name: I Don't Care
i don't care at all
Track Name: Masonic, Pt. I
he left her hide on the rock
he set her bones in a glass frame
(he made a perfect display of what he couldn't contain)
the next day all in the town would wonder why they felt so afraid
(a torso shielded in ice, and the rest melted away)
the light it bruises what grows
become the king of the dead sun
(with an abyss in your gut it's fine to fake like you're stuck)
stalk up the mountain for hours
stop when i whisper i have a gun

maker creator you gave it up
called him master you gave it up
i'm no actor you gave it up
death leaves faster you gave it up
Track Name: Masonic, Pt. II
when you were a little bird you flew away
but once you flew a circle you were here to stay
maybe there's a point in running around to please the hounds
here i am here i am here's the ground

this divisive scholar cuts in threes
dimmest bulk of nature, what were we?
trail the firth in violent training
working for the king complaining about the order of the a e i o and u

there are no reigns to stall me
this leave's no pilgrim's party
i was on my way out of this place when i saw your body by the lake

there was no time for reaction
your death is the death of attraction
god burn the blinds and let me see
i should have taken you with me

you stood up and he struck you down but i will kill the king of this town
curve of white the curator frowned but i will kill the king of this town
palest neck grows white when it drowns now i will kill the king of this town
Track Name: Strange Matter I & II
last stand between a coward and a cad
raise your hand
i meant it up until i kept it
i never took a beating from a brother but i could fight in a war like any other

sell me gold or sell me green
who could fall upon these knees

little mistake you came away
drowsy in aureolin gauze
see me devouring my mate

now i'm no one else
you can't bring me hell
no one ever hangs like you
when we used to
from a noose
Track Name: Arguëlles
i could be an anaconda tightening around sad suckers
went in my house took my vodka spat in his eye called motherfucker
silk and spin he wasn't weaving in the window groping bleeding
gold erotica he hunts to the kill

mystery of nervous travel spot his opaque 'mongst the rabble
spying into gloomy still i never loved him never will
what a way to burn masonic
set fire to the one who walks it and stand clear

in summer's forged and triumphal reading i found snow that filled each hole
upon the ruins of a dark entry
can we go?