Black Hole (Single)

by Quilty

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    Special thanks to Carlos Hernandez and Chuck Wilson.




released October 31, 2010




Quilty New York

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Track Name: Lizard Queen
Go on calling my bluff / you'll never see me get on top / I'll be lazy tomorrow even without the pot / Wasn't it in the air? / You wanna grab hold of my tail and pull off /the thing you thought I was not / I'm gonna give you the bug / I fell into a super black summer slack / of porn and guns and skin that runs / and peels off the back / We hung the molt on the branch / like some cannibal flag / The kind you find and you gag / 'cause it's the remains of your boyfriend / and you won't ever make out together again
Track Name: Chris on the Beach
By the moonlight, another cop killer at the window again / Too soon to cut you the keys to the door you kicked in / After all the handguns fire, do you wanna just crawl back in bed / In the woods behind my house there's a mannequin without any head / I don't think I can hold your hand again / Don't even think I can be your friend / A wallet shot of the man you shot dead / I buried that in the sand / I buried that and / By the moonlight, another cop killer kills his own conscience / Too soon to play like a dog and lick your fingers so red