Strange Matter

by Quilty

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happy halloween '11 from yr pals in Quilty!


released October 31, 2011

recorded + mixed by julian + sadie at korean trinity methodist church in gravesend, brooklyn and the buck's rock music shed in new milford, ct




Quilty New York

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Track Name: Cult of Ego
shall i never get out?
there are more of me now
burning off the super moon
a cult of ego
scrape the color from the wood
let's build a fire
in hell

was a woman what a woe
i wanted all of it
yes the flesh the heart the whole
a five-shine gospel
feels so hot just to be a bride of leather apron
from hell

i want yr little bones
Track Name: Strange Matter
little mistake you came away
drowsy and aureolin gauze
see me devouring my mate

now i'm no one else
you can't bring me hell
no one ever hangs like you
when we used to
from a noose
Track Name: Carnivale
ladies don't offer their hands first i know
but i've had enough of the suck and the blow
half a pack later and football sounds neat
surely you don't care to cook me some meat

i've got a plan
i'll take this ring off my hand
we'll fuck in the sand
isn't it swell?
by the time apes become monkeys
i'll be hot in hell

heavenly sweetening honey with tea
war without picnic means nothing to me
half a pack later here comes the big band
dancing in waltz time for fans in the stand

let me think twice
if i get off from work early i'm coming tonight
i don't compromise
faith is a fine upper value
for killing inside